Mitchell Akiyama

• Group exhibition: Initial Contractions at Knockdown Center. November 29.

• Radio Broadcast: Impossible Inaudible / Inaudible Impossible on Concerzender Nederland. Fourteen pieces that, by various means, render perceptible that phenomena that are inaudible to humans. March 27, 23:00 - 24:00 CET.

• Interview: Present and Absent: An Interview with Mitchell Akiyama in No More Potlucks.

Wind Almanac featured in issue 4 of The Rusty Toque.

• Release: Air Texture Volume II

Curated by Loscil and Raphael Anton Irisarri, Featuring new tracks by Mitchell Akiyama, Pan American, Strategy, Brian McBride, Mokira, among many others.

Pitchfork gives the release 7.6/10 and writes: "The disc swiftly builds momentum after this pacesetting start-- the abstract sound design of Chris Herbert's "Naimina", the almost perversely subtle arc of Rob Bridgett's "Field 3", and [Mitchell Akiyama's] "Dirge for the Canon", where a brilliant organ gradually erupts in a fountain of sparks."

Exclaim says: "The release's softer pieces are contrasted against one of the strongest tracks: Mitchell Akiyama's 'Dirge for the Cannon,' which breaks from quiet drones into a church-organ fugue of massive proportions."